Freedom From The Endless Cycle Of Personal Reincarnations 

Freedom From The Endless Cycle Of Personal Reincarnations is a temporary mural wall painting of the name of a 1990’s American band, Nirvana. The typeface is painted in black directly onto the white gallery wall through a hand traced stencil. The letters are clean but distorted. Measuring 20 by 4 feet, the painting was created in 2 days on location.

This monumentally scaled painting was inspired equally by abstract expressionism and pop art. It was painted in a method that requires two extreme modes. The first step: precise projecting cutting tracing of the iconic text image, which then allows for the second step: uninhibited free for all painting.

Like the band’s music, and their name’s original religious meaning, this movie screen size painting brings the viewer’s attention to their body and into the present moment. At the same time, the viewer is confronted with the contemporary associations they hold with the name Nirvana; be it evolving identity, the capitalization of art, or teenage emotions.

Ultimately, the temporary painting stands as a reminder of the ephemeral nature of the peaks and valleys, compromises, and freedoms of life. Success/ failure, boredom/ euphoria, investment/ indulgence – all require each other. That if one is willing to surrender to a period of constraint steered with sound intentions, enduring impact will inevitably follow.

THE END Project Space
1870 Murphy Avenue SW, Atlanta, GA 30310
Opening Reception: Friday May 6, 6PM – 9PM
Gallery Hours: Friday and Saturday 12PM – 4PM and by appointment

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